Monday, November 29

AEHI astroturfing on Yahoo message board

As is often the case with highly promoted companies it's next to impossible to have a reasonable conversion on Yahoo's AEHI message board because an ever changing cast of characters will try to undermine every critical posting using personal attacks and other manipulative behavior.

This led me early to the hypothesis that either AEHI's employees or paid consultants manipulate the sentiment on Yahoo's board. Because of a strange choice of words it's possible to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this hypothesis is actually correct.

Let me demonstrate: just Google the term "reputations have been vetted". As one would expect you get almost no hits. This is just a really odd part of a sentence. Yet what you do find among the hits is this post from 9/10/10 by t_hadfield posing as independent investor.

Later on 10/5/10 the same expression was used on AEHI's blog to defend the company against the StreetSweeper's criticism. These are the only two original occurrences of the phrase on the internet according to Google.

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