Thursday, December 2

AEHI Grotesquely Misrepresents Written Testimony

AEHI today announced "Overwhelming Written Support for Nuclear Site Rezone". More specifically the company states:

"The letters show written support level of approximately 80% in favor of the proposed rezone of AEHI's proposed nuclear site."

One would not be surprised if these numbers were correct, given that the company had explicitly asked its shareholders to write in to support AEHI. However going through all written testimony I count a very, very different result.

First lets count the opponents:

Among them is a group of people represented by law firm Holland & Hart. Their submission highlights some of the process and substantive issues in a very detailed manner. Represented are a total of more than 95 people:

H Hook LLC (1+)
Jeffrey and Debbie Weber (2)
Wylie Griffith and The Harrison Fund LLC (1+)
Neighbors for the Preservation of the Big and Little Willow Creek Community (1+)
People for Payette's Future (90+)

The number in parenthesis is the number of clients represented according to the document.

Then there is the Snake River Alliance which represents 100 people from Payette County and 1100 from Idaho. Finally we have 13 individual testimonies from:

Janice Berndt
Axel Bloemen
Ken Miller
Lon Stewart
Mac Joann Higby
Joe Bercik
Sally Briggs
Jenn Siegel
John Jeffries
Jo Jeffries
Mark Giese
James Underwood
Joe Lucid

This brings us to a total of 1208 individuals represented by written testimony including Snake River Alliance. Or 108 individuals if you assume that the Snake River Alliance does not legally represent their members in this matter.

Counting the supporters is very easy. They sent in almost exclusively very short emails along the lines of "great for the economy, the environment, count me in". Many of the supporters are known shareholders of the company. Count them all below, there are 66 of them.

So we have either 1208 : 66 with Snake River Alliance or 108 : 66 without. That's 95% against or 62% against based on plain number of represented people. Content wise judge for yourself. It's all here.


Denny Croner
Chuck McDonald
Scott Moscrip
Robert R Detwiler
John Talbot
Scott Montgomery
Greg Aydt
Richard Blackmore
George Patrick
Ben Neilson
Nicholas Holtzmaster
Kip Moggridge
Steven Heyman
Ed Hughes
Richard Cimini
Bob Mahoney
Mark Anderson
Jerry Buckwalter
Gordon Chambers
John Beers
Andrew Johncox
Lisa Knobel
Bruce Wong
Pete Honeysett
Jonathan Reichard
Melanie Reichard
Joe Falcon
Terri Belcher
Joseph Belcher
William Johncox
Patrick Goungo
Judy Amar
Carole Eckstrom
John Walker
Duane Little
Wayne Taylor
Nicholas Bennett
Duane Benda
Steve Amar
Rob Cain
Mark Johnson
Sharath Tangudu
Gregory Faith
Tom Doss
Kimberley Howchin
Aleksandra Lieben
Aaron Lieben
Court Wilson
Paul Ohlman
Roger Rutland
Todd Anselmi
Tom Mitcham
Taro Stahl
Mile Levan
Martin Pallante
David Detwiler
John Talbot
Patrick Sprague
Gordon Chambers
James Monday
Earnley Dawson
Jim Smith
Stephen Heiser
Shelly Wilson
Robin Obenchain
James Stewart

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  1. Excellent research Mr. Lucid!

    Further, when one subtracts all out of state and other cajoled and desperate stockholders it makes for very very slim support in Payette County.

    Given, that it is absolutely against Federal SEC laws for public companies, or anyone associated with public companies, to lie to investors; wouldn't AEHI's statements be another clear and actionable SEC violation of lying to investors? The facts seem pretty clear here.

    I feel an SEC complaint coming on!