Friday, December 10

AEHI's Don Gillispie: "NRC Won't Approve Our Site"

Forgive me if we have to switch down a gear today. But after revealing AEHI CEO Don Gillispie's most serious securities fraud yet discovered yesterday, topping the earlier revelations of two (here and here) other instances of severe violations of federal securities laws we'll have to make do with simple perjury today.

Maybe I wouldn't have bothered today since this is relatively minor by Don Gilllispie's standards. But since Martin Johncox accused me of perjury and called me a liar for using my name, Joe Lucid, in my written testimony (note: he had no comments on the testimony itself!) I think some retribution is appropriate and necessary.

First we look at the "Preliminary Water Availability Analysis" which is part of the rezoning application AEHI submitted to the Payette County administration. Step forward to page 45, 7.2.1. Snake River Diversion and Alignment. I quote:

The final alignment distance from the Snake River to the proposed site will likely be between about 14 to 24 miles.

What are they talking about? Since the planned site in Payette is rather distant from the Snake River a huge water pipeline would have to be built to transport the cooling water for the plant to the site.

Now let's take a look at the always entertaining and juicy blog of Don Gillispie, CEO of AEHI, the only known opportunity for a direct nuclear plant investment in the US today (Oops, smells like another public investment solicitation). Take this entry in which Gillispie talks about problems of a potential site in Elmore County:

On Jan. 12, I was invited to make a presentation before the Mountain Home City Council on our efforts to develop a large advanced nuclear reactor in Elmore County.

In November, the Elmore County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended against rezoning approximately 1,400 acres of land to accommodate our plant, saying heavy industrial development should be located in a zone near Simco Road, even as wind, solar and natural gas power are permitted elsewhere in the county.

In response to a Mountain Home City Council member’s question regarding siting of the plant in the Simco Road area, the following is my reply:

After some research we have concluded the Simco Road site does not qualify for a nuclear plant and even if it did, there does not appear to be any property available. The following are some of the reasons.

The Simco Road site has no water supply so a dedicated water line of more than 20 miles would need to be constructed. A large safety-related pipeline would add hundreds of millions in expense and create security and right-of-way concerns; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would disapprove the Simco Road site for the water supply security issue alone. Our current site is one mile from the Snake River, an ideal location for water access without a security issue.

So Gillispie is selling Payette County on a plan he knows could never get accepted by the NRC. Now that, my friends, is perjury.

But what do you expect from a guy who can't even be honest about his hair?

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  1. Gillispie is a slick spokesman. He can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. He is ambitious but seem to have lost his way.

    Good point about the hair. He is over 70 years old trying to look 15 years younger.