Monday, December 20

Martin Johncox: We Can Draft Written Testimony For You

On 11/22/2010 Martin Johncox posted the following on the Waldo Real Estate blog (only cached, it's been removed since):

Thank you so much for your support in our attempt to build a nuclear power plant in Payette County. This is a long process and one in which we need you continuing help.
As you may know, we face an important hearing at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 2, before the Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission. We are applying to rezone 5,100 acres of land, a crucial preliminary step. Thanks to your help, the P and Z and county commission earlier this year recommended amending the county's comprehensive plan to allow our plant; the Dec. 2 hearing is the next important step.
The Dec. 2 hearing will be be held at the Payette County Courthouse, 1130 3rd Avenue North in Payette. If the commissioners expect a large turnout, they may move the meeting to the Payette High School Auditorium at 1500 6th Avenue South and we will keep you updated on this.
Please show your support again by attending the meeting, and by offering your public testimony in person. Our opponents will definitely be in attendance, so all the support we can muster will be greatly appreciated.
However, if you are unable to attend, you may send written testimony to commissioners. The deadline for emailed testimony is end of the day by Friday, Nov. 26. You may send the testimony to either or If you need help with a letter please call me.
The proposed nuclear power plant will bring with it thousands of jobs, increase pay rates for the surrounding work force, improve business for hundreds of local companies, while proving a financially success venture for local investors.
But, none of this is possible without your support, so if you can, please attend the hearing and sign-up to speak, we would love to see all those seats filled with supporters.
Please forward this email to any other AEHI supporters who may also want to get involved.
Thank you,
Martin Johncox
AEHI community relations

And even with that encouragement they didn't come out on top in written testimony. Maybe for the next racket you could use language along the lines of: "Please be advised we'll be submitting written testimony on your behalf unless you explicitly tell us not to". Or did that already happen? I'm counting two submissions for Gordon Chambers and John Talbot each.  


  1. Chairman; Don Gillispie Fan ClubDecember 21, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    Johncox busted again, and couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Thanks Joe!

  2. I do not blame anyone for reminding people how important thier active support is. It is to easy to support AEHI while doing nothing. Thier is nothing wrong with asking the supporters to speek up and voice thier oppinion.

  3. Reminding is one thing. Writing the letter for them is quite another in my opinion.

  4. Chairman; Martin Johncox fan clubDecember 27, 2010 at 3:58 PM

    Quite interesting that Johncox is one of the first Rats to jump ship. I think he knew something the other investors didn't!

    Johncox claims Gillispie furnished him the content. Anyone who knows Johncox knows that is just one more false press release.

    I am sure he is trying to "cut a deal" with the SEC. Oops, too late, they don't need him, they already have enough to bury them all.

  5. Johncox is not the rat! Maybe it's Wong or Cooper?

  6. I am betting Johncox is the rat. He was the first to distance himself. He knows why he needs to do that. Johncox. He is the only one with enought inside info. to bring the whole thing down. Wong isn't smart enough, Cooper? Have you ever met that guy? I doubt it.