Wednesday, December 1

Gillispie falls for "Businessman of the year" scam

First read this description of a series of scams by Newt Gingrich. Then read this AEHI press release. I'm copying the relevant parts since they might pull the release when Gillispie realizes what happened to him.

Btw, also notice the tirade against Obama. In a press release? What's up with that?

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Former Speaker of the House and General Chairman of American Solutions, Newt Gingrich, recently honored AEHI CEO Donald Gillispie, as American Solutions' 2010 @Businessman of the Year. Speaker Gingrich recognized Donald Gillispie at the American Solutions Election Night Dinner on November 2nd at The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.

"Led by leaders like Donald Gillispie, who has succeeded in the face of adversity and economic turmoil, our victory on November 2nd was just the start to what will prove to be an historic Conservative movement to reject the left and provide common sense Center-Right Leadership."

According to American Solutions, as the economy spiraled into recession, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress offered no solutions for almost two years. Instead, they introduced one job killing bill after another, forced unpopular and corrupt socialized health-care reform through Congress, and have refused to take any responsibility whatsoever for their inaction, deciding instead to blame others for their failures. Donald Gillispie, on the other hand, has taken these challenges head on and managed to survive - and even succeed - in an extremely hostile and uncertain economic environment.

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  1. Not just Gillispie, but also former Elmore County PZ commissioner-turned-AEHI Shill Courtney Ireland: