Monday, December 13

AEHI Insiders In Panic Mode

Well, we kind of saw it coming: we've covered the actions of AEHI in quite some level of detail here on the blog:

We showed how AEHI lied about $3B in profits, how they lied about their credit line size, how they lied about the timing of their credit line, how they lied about never being late on a SEC filing, how Gillispie lied about his MIT degree, about his role at Browns Ferry, about his "Business man of the year" award.

We demonstrated how AEHI technically manipulates stock prices, how they pay 3rd parties to encourage individual investors to buy their stock, how Gillispie claimed to be the next Exxon Mobil, how AEHI violated the Securities Act of 1938 by soliciting the public for unregistered offerings and using materially fraudulent statements to entice retail investors to buy.

We showed that AEHI tried to hide 116M in unregistered stock sales from investors, how Gillispie solicited retail investors to purchase stock in AEHI using pressure sales tactics, how he's previously stated that the plan he's currently selling to Payette County can't ever be approved by the NRC and finally how he's not aware of basic trends in nuclear development and regulation.

You'd think by now they should be thinking very hard about what to do. Do they quickly sell remaining insider shares into the market to make the last few bucks before regulators strike? Do they leave the country to avoid prosecution? Do they move to a different state to hope for less scrutiny?

But no! AEHI is now officially in full blown PANIC mode, like a deer in the headlights. Their response on their official blog (hi there Martin Johncox): a post about me using my name in testimony. Title: "Joe Lucid fraud testimony uncovered". Seriously? That's how you think you'll calm your investors? Anybody ever hear of a company even posting anything like that on their blog? In defense of all the transgressions we documented very clearly here for all to see?

I didn't think so!

It's got to be hard though. They can't sue us because they're a fraudulent operation. And they would lose just as they did against the Snake River Alliance. And they can't silence us because of what communication is today. Doesn't look too good...

Sorry, Don.

But what do you expect from a guy who can't even be honest about his hair!

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