Tuesday, December 14

Joe Lucid Busts Martin Johncox And AEHI Again

Martin Johncox
Ok, given that the SEC has suspended trading of AEHI this morning there should be no more doubt about the true nature of AEHI and its associates. However in the interest of full disclosure I do want to share the following exchange between Payette County's planning and zoning commission and myself today.

See AEHI's blog entry titled "Joe Lucid fraud testimony uncovered" for some outrageous commentary which really only left the conclusion that AEHI's management was in a state of panic. Excerpt (authored by Martin Johncox):

"I’m told Payette County has rejected Joe Lucid’s testimony because he’s not using his real name. That is very gratifying, as Lucid is a particularly toxic individual who has persistently spread lies about AEHI, even harassing individual investors whose emails he harvested from public testimony. Lucid wants people to view him as a crusader, but it is clear to me his only motive is to enrich himself through stock shorting, a controversial practice to profit from a falling stock price."

Update: Johncox is now trying to paddle back. Don't believe it. This guys is guilty.

Then enjoy the following exchange:

RE: AEHI Written Testimony Joe Lucid
Lindsey N. Royston <lroyston@payettecounty.org>
Add to Contacts
To:Lucid Lucid <lucidlucid@ymail.com>
Cc:Isnarda Machuca <imachuca@payettecounty.org>

Mr. Lucid,
Your written testimony was included into the record and can be viewed and verified athttp://pnz.claypeak.com. However, per Isnarda Machuca-Rodriguez’s emailed notice to you, the zip file you also attached was not included as we could not open it. It was sent to our IT Department who could not open it either due to size or corrupted contents. You are more than welcome to send copies of the documents to:

Payette County P&Z

1130 3rd Ave. N. Rm 107
Payette ID 83661

Anything received will be included into to the record, along with all documents already received to date, and forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners who will ultimately make the final decision on the applications requested by AEHI.

Lindsey Royston
Administrative Assistant
Planning & Zoning
Payette County

From: Lucid Lucid [mailto:lucidlucid@ymail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 7:03 AM
To: Lindsey N. Royston; Isnarda Machuca
Subject: AEHI Written Testimony Joe Lucid


I submitted written testimony about some of my concerns with alternate energy holdings recently. Yesterday the company called me a liar and said that my testimony had been rejected by Payette County (http://aehi.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/joe-lucid-fraud-testimony-uncovered/).

Could you tell me whether my testimony has really been rejected and if yes for what reason?


Joe Lucid

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