Wednesday, December 1

$3 billion in reliable profits for 60 years!

A quick reality check on AEHI's claim that they'll make "about $3 billion in reliable profits for 60 years". They want to build two South Korean-made APR 1400 reactors for a total of 2900 MW. So total annual generation will be at most: 2900 MW * 24h * 365 days = 25,404,000 mwh.

Let's see how much they'd need to earn on a megawatt hour to make $3B: $3 billion / 25,404,000 mwh = $118 per mwh. Now look at the electricity prices in high priced California: Average price: $35.04 per mwh.

So AEHI's projections assume that its profits will be 3x Californian electricity prices.

What about costs? Well in it's own 10k filing AEHI estimates its cost per kwh: "It is estimated to produce power for $.02 to $.05 cents per kilowatt-hour". That's $20 - $50 per mwh. Since in California electricity sells for $35.04 per mwh they'd barely profitable if at all!

And to get to the $3B in yearly reliable profits they'd have to assume $118 + $20 or $118 + $50 = $138 - $168 per mwh. Which is about 5x what the market pays today in California.

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